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Use Your App Effectively

Use Your App Effectively

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Registration and One Device Use.

1.  Learners cannot “Register” or “Create a New Account” on the website. You can only Create a new account in the App.

2. Learners cannot also “Login” from the website, you can only Login from the app and use the App only to access your account.

3. The First Device you use to access your account will be “Attached” to your account and you will not be able to use your account on another device unless you request to move your account to a new device.

Course Management

1. The first time you load a course and a course section, it will take time because it is being downloaded to play.  After that it stays on your device until you synchronise for any updates or changes.

2. Turn your phone to a Landscape mode to get a full screen play. Also tap on any video and tap on the full screen symbol, the broken square, at the bottom right.

3.  Scroll downwards to “Refresh” the page and update any changes

4.  Do not pull the Screen Down or Refresh unnecessarily as it takes time and is not always necessary.

Multiple Choice/Objective Questions

1.  They can be downloaded on to your device.  You need to complete and submit your working to see the Answers/ Feedback. 

2.  Some questions are selected and Solved to demonstrate the skills needed to solve those types of problems.

3.  Some of the solved questions have explanations and can be taken as revision in your topics.  You are advised to try the questions yourself before looking at the suggested solution.

Practice, Practice and Practice. Exam Resources

1.  These are the best resources curated from the best teachers and presenters and have been revised by seasoned examiners, based on the NMC curriculum.

2. They cover the complete NMC curriculum for programmes, and give questions and examples and some with reasons, explaining the answers.

3.  You are advised to Practice the resources provided early in your course, become familiar with the content .

Offline Use:

1.  The usefulness of the App is that you have all your courses on your mobile device, and you can access it anytime anywhere including using it offline. 

2.  When you interact fully with a section once, it downloads the content or you download a section directly, it remains on your device and you can interact with it until you synchronise it or “Refresh” the page for any changes or updates.

3.  You do not need to be connected to the Internet to interact with the course and its sections after their first use unless you wish to.

Materials are regularly updated and you don't need to worry about "making new copies all the time or buying updates.".

Non-Responsive App

If your App becomes non-responsive for a reasonable period, please Log out and Login again.  This should usually resolve the problem.