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Welcome To LearnersPlatform

Welcome To LearnersPlatform

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You are Welcome to LearnersPlatform.   With your effort you will succeed in your studies.

A few things to note.

To Enrol in a course, Select the Course and Click on "Enrol Me"

1. You don't have to download courses to use them.  Because your storage can become full easily.

So enrolling on a course is enough just work your way through. It is downloaded automatically onto your phone.

2. So just click on the course or particular content and work through, as you work through it is downloaded onto your phone so you don't need data to go through each time( meaning you are working offline without data- Is that not beautiful?).

3. You can interact with members of the course you are working on in the system( Learn together)

4. Please don't rush to go through questions, think about them carefully, provide your own answers before looking it up/submit.  That is the only effective way to learn. 

5.  There will be further materials, sessions and activities as we go through the learning process together.

Stay Tuned !!!!!

IMPORTANT: You are fortunate, some of your friends are struggling to create an account and login. Please spread the news for them to download the app by typing  Learnersplatform in the app store. Help them to create an account and login.  Most are having problems with email issues, so help them create the emails or teach them to create it or even create the email for them. they should choose just one word username, some are writing all their names as usernames.

Thanks for your attention